hope is a good thing

Hope is a good thing

I still remembered that it is a peaceful night after my gradual senior
examination when I watched this film firstly.

At that time, I just felt some shocked and admirable, but tonight I saw
it again with some work unfinished in the Central University of
Nationality and felt afraid and wanting to cry.

Maybe everyone will meet with hard times in our journey of life and
suffer unfair or huge failures ,who can keep hopeful and wise all the
time ,or in fact at least 20 years ? The most important is that being
calm and patient for a dream whenever we grow. Even if it must be a long
road to go through ,we should be tolerant and cherish what we own and
who we get along with.

As Andy said ,hope is a good thing ,and may be the best thing. Or just
like Red said, I did not care it anymore ,shit!
I believe I will, anything encountered in the future!